Newborn, Child Diseases & Development Specialist in Bogra

About Dr. A.S.M Selim

Dr. A.S.

M Selim is a renowned child specialist based out of Bogra. He holds an MBBS and DCH (BSMMU) qualification and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the TMSS Medical College & Hospital. His passion for helping children and his exceptional expertise in the field of Pediatric medicine has earned him the trust of many patients and families.

Dr. A.S.

M Selim provides treatment to his patients at Labaid Diagnostic, Bogura. He is available for consultation from 4pm to 8pm, except on Fridays. His experience and dedication have helped him build strong relationships with his patients, who come to him for his expertise and compassionate approach.

His commitment to the care and well-being of his patients is the foundation of his practice.

At Dr. A.

S.M Selim’s practice, each individual is treated with respect and dignity. He strives to provide quality care to every patient and works hard to ensure that they receive the best possible medical care.

Doctor Name
Dr. A.S.M Selim



Newborn, Child Diseases & Development


Passing College
TMSS Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Labaid Diagnostic, Bogura

Chamber Address
House # 1872, Sherpur Road, Colony, Bogura.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 8pm


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