Anesthesiology & ICU Specialist in Rangpur

About Dr. A.S.M. Sharif

Dr. A.S.

M. Sharif is an experienced Anesthesiologist based in Rangpur. He is highly qualified, with an MBBS and a DA.

He is currently working as an Anesthesiology & ICU Specialist doctor at Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital, providing dedicated and compassionate treatment to his patients.

Dr. Sharif is also available at Doctor’s Community Hospital, Rangpur, offering his expertise and care to those in need.

To find out more about his services and visiting hours, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dr. Sharif is passionate about his work, and prides himself on a high level of care and empathy for his patients.

He is a respected professional in the field, and strives to make sure each patient receives the best possible treatment.

If you’re looking for a caring and experienced Anesthesiologist in Rangpur, look no further than Dr. A.

S.M. Sharif.

Doctor Name
Dr. A.S.M. Sharif



Anesthesiology & ICU


Passing College
Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Doctor’s Community Hospital, Rangpur

Chamber Address
Medical East Gate, Health City Road, Dhap, Rangpur.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
Unknown. Please call to know opening hour. Appointment: +8801717292458. Call Now.


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