Medicine & Chest Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Adnan Yusuf Choudhury

Dr. Adnan Yusuf Choudhury is a highly-experienced Medicine Specialist based in Dhaka. He has extensive qualifications in the field, such as MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), and MD (Chest).

Dr. Adnan currently works as a Medicine and Chest Specialist at Dhaka Medical College & Hospital, providing the best care for his patients. He also offers his services at Labaid Diagnostic, Gulshan.

Unfortunately, his exact visiting hours are currently unknown. To find out more, we encourage you to contact the doctor directly to discuss your needs and book an appointment.


Adnan has a wealth of expertise and experience in the medical field, and is devoted to helping his patients get the best care possible. He has a compassionate and understanding approach to his work, always taking the time to listen to his patients and answer any questions they may have. He is highly regarded by his colleagues and patients alike, and is well-respected in the medical community.

Dr. Adnan is dedicated to helping people in need, and strives to make sure they receive the best possible treatment. If you need medical assistance or advice, we highly recommend you contact Dr.

Adnan Yusuf Choudhury. He will provide you with the best care and advice that you can rely on.

Doctor Name
Dr. Adnan Yusuf Choudhury



Medicine & Chest

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Chest)

Passing College
Dhaka Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Labaid Diagnostic, Gulshan

Chamber Address
House # 13/A, Road # 35, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
Unknown. Please call to know opening hour.


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