Respiratory Medicine Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. AKM Rafiqul Bari

Dr. AKM Rafiqul Bari is a highly-regarded Chest Specialist based in Dhaka, holding a MBBS and MD (Chest) qualification. He currently works as a Respiratory Medicine Specialist doctor at the National Institute of Diseases of the Chest & Hospital, providing patients with specialized treatments.

He additionally offers his services to the public at the Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Doyagonj, from 6pm to 10pm, except on Fridays.

Dr. Rafiqul Bari is experienced in diagnosing and treating a variety of chest-related illnesses, from acute respiratory infections to pulmonary tuberculosis.

He is passionate about helping his patients make full recoveries, and always strives to ensure they receive the best care possible. He is well-respected by his peers, and highly regarded for his knowledge and expertise in the field.

At Dr.

Rafiqul Bari’s practice, he provides a caring and compassionate environment for his patients, allowing them to feel comfortable and relaxed as they receive treatments. He takes pride in delivering the highest standards of care, and is committed to providing his patients with the best possible outcomes.

If you are in need of specialized chest care, Dr.

Rafiqul Bari is the perfect choice. His expertise and dedication to patient care make him one of the leading Chest Specialists in Dhaka.

Doctor Name
Dr. AKM Rafiqul Bari



Respiratory Medicine

MBBS, MD (Chest)

Passing College
National Institute of Diseases of the Chest & Hospital

Chamber Name
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Doyagonj

Chamber Address
28, Hut Lane, Doyagonj, Gandaria, Dhaka – 1204.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6pm to 10pm


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