Oral & Dental Surgeon in Comilla

About Dr. Ariful Rahman

Dr. Ariful Rahman is a highly qualified Dental Doctor based in Comilla, Bangladesh. He has attained qualifications in BDS (CMC), BCS (Health), PGT, and DDS (Dental Surgery).

Dr. Rahman is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dental at Cumilla Medical College & Hospital.

For those in the Comilla area, they can benefit from his expertise as a Dental Doctor by visiting the Moon Hospital where he regularly provides treatments to his patients.

His office hours in the Moon Hospital are 4pm to 8pm (closed on Fridays).

Dr. Rahman is committed to providing the best care and treatment to his patients, ensuring they receive the highest standards of dental care.

By combining his expertise and knowledge with the latest technology and advances in dental treatments, he is dedicated to providing the best care possible.

Doctor Name
Dr. Ariful Rahman



Oral & Dental Surgeon

BDS (CMC), BCS (Health), PGT, DDS (Dental Surgery)

Passing College
Cumilla Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Moon Hospital, Comilla

Chamber Address
Shahid Khawaja Nizamuddin Road, Jhautola, Cumilla.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 8pm


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