Gynecologist, Colposcopist & Infertility Specialist in Khulna

About Dr. Dalia Akhter

Dr. Dalia Akhter is a highly experienced and qualified Gynecologist based in Khulna. She holds an MBBS degree from Dhaka and a FCPS in OBGYN.

She is also a prominent Assistant Professor in the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics at Khulna Medical College & Hospital, where she provides expert medical treatment to her patients. Patients can avail her services at Khulna City Medical College & Hospital, though the visiting hours of Dr. Dalia Akhter are yet to be known.

For more information and to book an appointment, kindly get in touch with her and her staff.

Dr. Dalia Akhter is a dedicated professional who strives to provide the best quality of care to her patients.

She is passionate about her work and is committed to helping her patients make informed decisions about their health. With her exceptional knowledge and expertise in the field, she is able to offer accurate diagnosis and treatment. She puts her patients first and makes sure that they receive the best care possible.

At Khulna City Medical College & Hospital, Dr. Dalia Akhter is an integral part of the team. She works closely with her colleagues to ensure the highest standards of medical care for her patients.

Her dedication and hard work have earned her a great reputation among her peers and patients alike.

Dr. Dalia Akhter is a highly respected Gynecologist in Khulna.

Doctor Name
Dr. Dalia Akhter



Gynecologist, Colposcopist & Infertility


Passing College
Khulna Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Khulna City Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Address
25/26, KDA Avenue, Moilapota Square, Khulna Sadar, Khulna.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
Unknown. Please call +8801999099099 to know opening hours.


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