Skin, Hair, Nail, Allergy, PRP Therapy & Sex Specialist in Bogra

About Dr. Farah Safa Huq

At Popular Diagnostic Center, Bogra, Dr. Farah Safa Huq is our resident Skin Specialist. She is a highly qualified doctor with a MBBS, BCS (Health), and MD (Dermatology) degree.

Dr. Huq currently works as a Consultant in the Department of Dermatology & Venereology at Mohammad Ali Hospital, and also provides treatment to patients at our Diagnostic Center. Her hours at our Center are 3pm to 6pm (Sun, Tues & Thursday).

Dr. Huq is a highly knowledgeable specialist with an excellent track record of helping her patients. She is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and care, with the aim of helping her patients reach their desired outcome.

With her expertise and experience, she is able to provide tailored treatment plans that are specifically designed to meet each patient’s individual needs.

At Popular Diagnostic Center, we are proud to have Dr. Farah Safa Huq as part of our team.

We strive to provide the best possible treatment and care for our patients, and with such an experienced and highly qualified specialist on board, we are sure to do just that. We look forward to welcoming you to our Diagnostic Center, and having Dr. Huq provide you with the treatments and care that you need.

Doctor Name
Dr. Farah Safa Huq



Skin, Hair, Nail, Allergy, PRP Therapy & Sex

MBBS, BCS (Health), MD (Dermatology)

Passing College
Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra

Chamber Name
Popular Diagnostic Center, Bogra

Chamber Address
House # 12/310, Thanthania Bus Stand, Sherpur Road, Bogura.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
3pm to 6pm

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat

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