Medicine, Diabetes & Hormone Specialist in Pabna

About Dr. Ishtiak Karim Adnan

Dr. Ishtiak Karim Adnan is an experienced and highly qualified Medicine Specialist based in Pabna. He holds an MBBS degree, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine), CCD (BIRDEM) and MCPS (USA) qualifications, making him an expert in his field.

He is currently a Consultant at the Department of Medicine in General Hospital, Pabna.

At Model Hospital & Diagnostic, Pabna, he provides treatments to his patients. He is available for appointments from 3pm to 4pm every day to help his patients with the best care and attention.

Dr. Ishtiak Karim Adnan is an expert in his field, and with his years of experience, he strives to provide an effective and comprehensive approach to his treatments.

He is committed to providing the highest standards of medical care, and his dedication to his patients is unwavering.

He believes in delivering individualized and tailored treatments that are tailored to the needs of each and every patient.

Dr. Ishtiak Karim Adnan is dedicated to providing the best medical care possible, and his commitment to excellence means that he is always striving to offer the best treatments and solutions to his patients.

Doctor Name
Dr. Ishtiak Karim Adnan



Medicine, Diabetes & Hormone

MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine), CCD (BIRDEM), MCPS (USA)

Passing College
General Hospital, Pabna

Chamber Name
Model Hospital & Diagnostic, Pabna

Chamber Address
Shapla Plastic Mor, Hospital Road, Shalgaria, Pabna.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
3pm to 4pm (Everyday)


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