Child Neurology & Autism Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Kanij Fatema

Dr. Kanij Fatema is a highly qualified and experienced Pediatric Neurologist in Dhaka. She has obtained a degree in MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics) and FCPS (Pediatric Neurology).

Furthermore, Dr. Kanij Fatema is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatric Neurology at the Institute of Pediatric Neurodisorder & Autism (IPNA), BSMMU.

Patients seeking Dr.

Kanij Fatema’s expertise can visit her at the Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Dhanmondi where she provides treatment from 6pm to 9pm (closed on Tuesday & Friday). With her extensive knowledge, experience and dedication to her work, Dr. Kanij Fatema is one of the most sought-after and reliable Pediatric Neurologists in Dhaka.

As a Professor, she is also passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of her patients and students.

At the Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Dr. Kanij Fatema applies her expertise to diagnose and treat various neurological conditions in children.

She has a comprehensive approach to providing care, from diagnosing and treating neurological disorders to providing education, counselling and support to her patients and their families. With her commitment to delivering the best possible care, Dr. Kanij Fatema has become a trusted name in the field of Pediatric Neurology.

If you or your child are suffering from any neurological disorder, Dr. Kanij Fatema is the right doctor to consult. With her in-depth knowledge and commitment to providing quality care, she will ensure that you and your family receive the best possible treatment.

Doctor Name
Dr. Kanij Fatema



Child Neurology & Autism

MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics), FCPS (Pediatric Neurology)

Passing College
Institute of Pediatric Neurodisorder & Autism (IPNA), BSMMU

Chamber Name
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Dhanmondi

Chamber Address
House # 48, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1209.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6pm to 9pm

Tuesday & Friday

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