Medicine & Diabetes Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman

Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman is a highly-qualified Medicine Specialist based in Dhaka.

He holds a MBBS degree from Dhaka University, MRCP from the United Kingdom and FCPS in Medicine. He is currently a Consultant in the Department of Medicine at Birdem General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College.

Patients in need of medical treatment can avail the services of Dr.

M. Wahiduzzaman at Advance Hospital, Banasree. He is available from 6pm to 10pm (except on Fridays).

He is dedicated to providing the best possible care to his patients and is committed to helping them improve their overall health.

Dr. M.

Wahiduzzaman is well-known for his expertise in the field of medicine and has years of experience in the medical field. He has a long list of satisfied patients because of his compassionate and dedicated approach to patient care. He is also known for his excellent bedside manner, which helps to put his patients at ease and gives them the confidence that they are in capable hands.

At Advance Hospital, Banasree, Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman is committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to his patients.

Doctor Name
Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman



Medicine & Diabetes

MBBS (Dhaka), MRCP (UK), FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
Birdem General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College

Chamber Name
Advance Hospital, Banasree

Chamber Address
House # 1, Main Road, Block # F, Banasree, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6pm to 10pm


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