Medicine, Diabetes & Chest Diseases Specialist in Rajshahi

About Dr. Md. Abdul Baset

Dr. Md. Abdul Baset is a highly qualified Medicine Specialist based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

He holds an MBBS and FCPS degree in Medicine, and is currently a Consultant in the Department of Medicine at Rajshahi Medical College & Hospital. His passion for providing excellent medical care to his patients has led him to practice at Popular Diagnostic Center, Rajshahi, from 4pm to 9pm every day (closed Fridays).


Md. Abdul Baset is committed to providing the highest quality of care to his patients. He is passionate about finding the best treatment options for his patients, based on their individual needs.

He listens carefully to his patients and takes their feedback seriously in order to provide the best possible care. He believes that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and works diligently to ensure that his patients receive the best care possible.


Md. Abdul Baset’s dedication to providing quality healthcare has made him a popular doctor in the Rajshahi area. He has earned the respect of colleagues, patients, and the medical community alike.

He is well-known for his compassionate bedside manner, his comprehensive knowledge of medicine, and his commitment to providing the highest standard of care to his patients.

Dr. Md.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Abdul Baset



Medicine, Diabetes & Chest Diseases

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
Rajshahi Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Popular Diagnostic Center, Rajshahi

Chamber Address
House # 474, Chowdhury Tower, Laxmipur, Rajshahi.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 9pm


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