Hormone, Thyroid & Endocrinology Specialist in Bogra

About Dr. Md. Abu Shehab

Dr. Md. Abu Shehab is a highly qualified Endocrinologist based in Bogra with an MBBS and MD in Endocrinology.

He currently provides his expertise as a consultant in the Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism at Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College & Hospital, offering specialised care to those under his care. His medical practice extends to the Popular Diagnostic Center, Bogra, where he dedicates three and a half hours of his weekdays to his patients. He is not available on Fridays.

Dr. Md. Abu Shehab is a beloved figure in the medical community of Bogra, well-known for his kind and gentle approach to his patients, as well as his dedication to providing the best possible care.

He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest medical advances and techniques, so that he can provide the most current treatments available.

Dr. Md.

Abu Shehab is passionate about providing the best endocrinology care possible and is always eager to answer any questions that his patients may have. He understands the importance of having a trusting doctor-patient relationship and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his patients understand their conditions and treatments.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Abu Shehab



Hormone, Thyroid & Endocrinology

MBBS, MD (Endocrinology)

Passing College
Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Popular Diagnostic Center, Bogra

Chamber Address
House # 12/310, Thanthania Bus Stand, Sherpur Road, Bogura.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
3.30pm to 8pm


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