Cardiology (Heart Diseases) & Medicine Specialist in Comilla

About Dr. Md. Belal Hossain

Welcome to Modern Hospital, Comilla! Located on Laksam Road in Shaktola, we strive to provide excellent care and attention to all of our patients. Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals are focused on providing quality care with a personal touch. We understand the importance of patient comfort and satisfaction, and we always strive to ensure that each patient receives the best medical care available.

Our hospital is open from 30pm to 4pm every day except Friday. We offer a wide range of services, including general medical care, surgery, and diagnostics.

Our team of doctors and nurses are always available to answer any questions you may have about your health, and to provide you with the best advice and support.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our medical professionals, please contact us at +880171178519 Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to assist you.

At Modern Hospital, Comilla, we are dedicated to providing you with a pleasant and stress-free experience. We are committed to giving you the best care possible, and we look forward to serving you. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted health care provider!

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Belal Hossain



Cardiology (Heart Diseases) & Medicine

MBBS, MD (Cardiology)

Passing College
Cumilla Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Cumilla Medical Center (Tower Hospital)

Chamber Address
Comilla Tower, Laksam Road, Kandirpar, Cumilla – 3500.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 8pm


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