Cardiology, Medicine, Rheumatic Fever & Hypertension Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Md. Forhad Jamal

At Khidmah Hospital, Dhaka, Dr. Md. Forhad Jamal is a renowned Cardiologist providing excellent care to his patients.

Dr. Jamal is an MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Cardiology) qualified medical professional and is currently a Assistant Professor in the Department of Cardiology at the National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute.


Jamal is dedicated to his patients and provides them with the best possible diagnosis and treatment. He is available for appointments from 6pm to 9pm every day except Friday. With his extensive knowledge and dedication to patient care, Dr.

Jamal is committed to providing the best cardiology care available.

He also regularly conducts clinical research on different aspects of cardiology and has published numerous papers in the past. Dr.

Jamal is known for being a passionate and compassionate medical professional, who always puts the needs of his patients first.

At Khidmah Hospital, Dr. Jamal has earned the trust of his patients with his commitment to quality care and unparalleled service.

He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable doctor who is always willing to lend a helping hand and provide the best possible care to his patients.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Forhad Jamal



Cardiology, Medicine, Rheumatic Fever & Hypertension

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Cardiology)

Passing College
National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute

Chamber Name
Khidmah Hospital, Dhaka

Chamber Address
C-287/2-3 Khilgaon Bishwa Road, Khilgaon, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6pm to 9pm


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