Medicine Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Md. Golam Mostafa

Dr. Md. Golam Mostafa is an experienced and highly qualified Medicine Doctor based in Dhaka.

He holds a degree in MBBS, DTM & H (England), AMC, MCQ, and is currently serving as a Medicine Specialist doctor at Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital. Patients who seek his expertise in medicine can avail his services from 5pm to 10pm (Friday: 10am to 12am) at Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital, Kallyanpur.


Md. Golam Mostafa is dedicated to providing high-quality care to his patients. He is passionate about his work and puts in his best effort to ensure that his patients receive the best treatment possible.

His commitment to excellence and dedication to the medical profession have earned him a great deal of respect amongst his peers.

At Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital, Kallyanpur, Dr. Md.

Golam Mostafa is well-known for his warm and caring approach towards his patients. He is mindful of the needs of his patients and strives to make them feel comfortable, safe, and secure during their treatment. He is a professional who listens to his patients and provides solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Dr. Md. Golam Mostafa is an excellent medical practitioner and a trusted source of medical advice and guidance.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Golam Mostafa




MBBS, DTM & H ( England), AMC, MCQ

Passing College
Ibn Sina Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital, Kallyanpur

Chamber Address
1/1 B, Kallyanpur, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
5pm to 10pm

Saturday and Sunday

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