Newborn, Adolescent, Child Diseases Specialist & Surgeon in Cumilla

About Dr. Md. Mazharul Alam

At Moon Hospital, Comilla, we proudly offer the services of Dr. Md. Mazharul Alam, an esteemed Pediatric Surgeon.

Having completed his MBBS and MS (Pediatric Surgery) from a renowned medical institution, he has been working as the Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Mainamoti Medical College and Hospital.

Dr. Md.

Mazharul Alam is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to his patients. He regularly attends to them at Moon Hospital, Comilla, during the hours of 5pm to 8pm, except for Fridays. He is a caring and compassionate doctor who is committed to helping his patients and making sure that they leave the hospital happy, healthy and with a smile on their faces.

At Moon Hospital, Comilla, we strive to provide our patients with the best of care and comfort. We are honored to have Dr. Md.

Mazharul Alam on board with us and are confident that his expertise and commitment to excellence will help us provide our patients with the best service possible.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Mazharul Alam



Newborn, Adolescent, Child Diseases & Surgeon

MBBS, MS (Pediatric Surgery)

Passing College
Mainamoti Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Moon Hospital, Comilla

Chamber Address
Shahid Khawaja Nizamuddin Road, Jhautola, Cumilla.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
5pm to 8pm


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