Medicine, Diabetes & Hypertension Specialist in Pabna

About Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam

Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam is an experienced and well-qualified Medicine Specialist in Pabna.

He has completed his MBBS from the University of Dhaka (DU) and obtained his FCPS in Medicine. Dr. Md.

Nazmul Islam is a Consultant in the Department of Medicine at General Hospital, Pabna and regularly provides treatment to his patients in Central Hospital, Pabna. He is available from 3pm to 11pm from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday, but remains closed on Fridays. He is an experienced practitioner who has a deep understanding of the latest medical treatments.

He is passionate about providing the best possible care to his patients and believes in taking a holistic approach towards treatment. He works with a team of highly skilled medical professionals who share his commitment to providing quality care.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam



Medicine, Diabetes & Hypertension

MBBS (DU), FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
General Hospital, Pabna

Chamber Name
Central Hospital, Pabna

Chamber Address
South Side of Sadar Hospital Gate, Hospital Road, Shalgaria, Pabna.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
3pm to 11pm


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