Kidney Diseases, Hemodialysis & Transplantation Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Md. Rashed Anwar

Dr. Md. Rashed Anwar is a highly qualified and experienced kidney doctor based in Dhaka.

He holds an MBBS degree and an MD (Nephrology) qualification, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nephrology at the National Institute of Kidney Diseases & Urology.

Dr. Anwar provides regular treatment to his patients at Popular Diagnostic Center, Uttara.

He is available for consultation at the center from 6pm to 9pm, on all days except Friday. He has been practicing as a Nephrologist for many years, and is well-known among his patients for his expertise and compassionate approach.

At Popular Diagnostic Center, Uttara, Dr.

Anwar offers comprehensive care for a range of kidney-related conditions. He is adept at diagnosing and managing a wide range of medical issues, from simple to complex. He takes a holistic approach to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s condition are addressed and managed.

Dr. Md. Rashed Anwar is a highly knowledgeable and experienced doctor, whose commitment to providing quality care to his patients is unparalleled.

He has earned recognition and appreciation from his patients for his dedication and compassion. He continues to offer excellent medical service at Popular Diagnostic Center, Uttara, and strives to make his patients feel safe and cared for.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Rashed Anwar



Kidney Diseases, Hemodialysis & Transplantation

MBBS, MD (Nephrology)

Passing College
National Institute of Kidney Diseases & Urology

Chamber Name
Popular Diagnostic Center, Uttara

Chamber Address
House # 25, Road # 7, Sector # 4, Uttara, Dhaka (Unit 02).

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6pm to 9pm


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