Cardiology, Heart Diseases & Rheumatic Fever Specialist in Sylhet

About Dr. Md. Suhail Alam

Dr. Md. Suhail Alam is an experienced and qualified cardiologist serving in Sylhet.

He graduated with a degree of MBBS, MD (Cardiology, BSMMU) from a reputed university. He is a knowledgeable and devoted doctor who is currently working as a consultant in the department of cardiology at Al Haramain Hospital Private Limited, Sylhet. He takes pride in providing excellent medical care to his patients and is known for his gentle demeanor.

Dr. Md. Suhail Alam’s visiting hours at Al Haramain Hospital, Sylhet are currently unknown.

We recommend that you call the hospital in advance and make an appointment with the doctor. Rest assured that he will take care of all your cardiac health needs with the utmost care and professionalism. We invite you to come and experience the quality of medical services provided by Dr.

Md. Suhail Alam.

Doctor Name
Dr. Md. Suhail Alam



Cardiology, Heart Diseases & Rheumatic Fever

MBBS, MD (Cardiology, BSMMU)

Passing College
Al Haramain Hospital Private Limited, Sylhet

Chamber Name
Al Haramain Hospital, Sylhet

Chamber Address
Samato-30, Chali Bandar, Bishwa Road, Subhani Ghat, Sylhet.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
Unknown. Please call +8801931225555 to know the opening hours.


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