Asthma & COPD Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. MM Mortayez Amin

Dr. MM Mortayez Amin is a highly qualified Asthma Specialist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He holds a MBBS degree, as well as a Mphil and MMS from England.

In addition to his extensive qualifications, he has years of experience in Asthma & COPD treatment, working as a specialist doctor in Birdem General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College.

Patients requiring consultation or treatment can visit Dr. MM Mortayez Amin at the Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Lalbagh.

Here, he provides regular treatment to his patients with hours from 30pm to 10pm, except for Fridays when the clinic is closed. Dr.

MM Mortayez Amin is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for his patients and takes pride in his ability to make a difference in their lives. He has a deep understanding of asthma and COPD, which allows him to make accurate diagnoses and provide the most effective treatment plans.

Doctor Name
Dr. MM Mortayez Amin



Asthma & COPD

MBBS, Mphil, MMS (England)

Passing College
Birdem General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College

Chamber Name
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Lalbagh

Chamber Address
27/4 Dhakeshwori Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
6.30pm to 10pm


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