Orthopedics Specialist & Trauma Surgeon in Dhaka

About Dr. Mohammad Arif Hossain

Dr. Mohammad Arif Hossain is a highly-qualified Orthopedic Surgeon based in Dhaka. He has a MBBS (DMC) and MS (ORTHO) from the esteemed medical colleges of the country.

He is currently the Consultant and Surgeon in the Department of Orthopedics at Government Employee Hospital. He provides specialized treatment to his patients at Farazy Hospital, Banasree in his dedicated hours of 7pm to 10pm (Closed: Friday).


Mohammad Arif Hossain is an experienced and well-known doctor in his field. With a passion for Orthopedics, he has years of experience in treating his patients with the utmost care and dedication. He is a highly-skilled surgeon and has advanced knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

He is also well-versed in modern surgical techniques which have made him one of the most sought-after Orthopedic Surgeons in the city.

Dr. Mohammad Arif Hossain has a great track record of successful cases and is committed to providing the best possible healthcare to his patients.

He believes in the power of medical science and works tirelessly to ensure that his patients get the best possible treatment and care. He is a compassionate doctor who always puts his patients’ needs above all else.

At Farazy Hospital, Banasree, Dr.

Mohammad Arif Hossain provides his patients with the best possible care, utilizing the latest technology and techniques. He is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality of service and ensures that they are always comfortable and well taken care of.


Doctor Name
Dr. Mohammad Arif Hossain



Orthopedics & Trauma Surgeon


Passing College
Government Employee Hospital

Chamber Name
Farazy Hospital, Banasree

Chamber Address
House # 15-19, Block-E, Banasree, Main Road, Rampura, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
7pm to 10pm


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