Medicine Specialist in Chittagong

About Dr. Mohammad Majibul Haque

Dr. Mohammad Majibul Haque is a highly qualified Medicine Specialist in Chittagong. He completed his MMBS, MRCP (Medicine) and SSC (Medicine) degrees and has been working as a Senior Consultant in the Department of Medicine at Imperial Hospital, Chittagong since then.

His expertise in the medical field is well known in the city and he is highly sought after by patients in need of his medical services. At Imperial Hospital, Chittagong Dr. Mohammad Majibul Haque provides consultation and treatment to his patients during the following hours: Monday to Thursday: 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm.

He does not provide consultation or treatment in the hospital on Friday. Dr. Mohammad Majibul Haque has been providing excellent medical services to his patients at Imperial Hospital, Chittagong for several years.

He has an impressive track record of successful treatments and has earned the trust of many patients in the city. Patients have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of care and treatment they have received from him. He is passionate about making sure his patients receive the best care and treatment available to them.

Doctor NameDr. Mohammad Majibul Haque
DegreeMMBS, MRCP (Medicine), SSC (Medicine)
Passing CollegeImperial Hospital, Chittagong
Chamber NameImperial Hospital, Chittagong
Chamber AddressZakir Hossain Road, Pahartali, Chattogram.
Phone Number+8809612247247
Visiting Hour9am to 1pm & 4pm to 8pm

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