Medicine & Kidney Specialist in Chittagong

About Dr. S.M. Sadique Hossain

Dr. S.M.

Sadique Hossain is a highly-qualified and experienced Medicine Specialist based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He holds a MBBS degree as well as a MRCP (UK) qualification, and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Chittagong Medical College & Hospital. Patients can avail of Dr.

S.M. Sadique Hossain’s expert medical services at Chevron Clinical Laboratory, Chittagong.

He provides a wide range of treatments and consultations, and his hours of practice are from 9am to 11am and 4pm to 9pm (closed on Fridays). Dr. S.

M. Sadique Hossain has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical field and can offer an accurate diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan, based on each individual’s needs and preferences. He is passionate about helping his patients get the best possible care and is committed to providing a high level of medical service.

With his extensive experience, Dr. S.M.

Doctor NameDr. S.M. Sadique Hossain
SpecialtyMedicine & Kidney
Passing CollegeChittagong Medical College & Hospital
Chamber NameChevron Clinical Laboratory, Chittagong
Chamber Address12/12, O.R Nizam Road, Panchlish, Chattogram.
Phone Number+8801755666969
Visiting Hour9am to 11am & 4pm to 9pm

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