Cancer Specialist in Sylhet

About Dr. Sarder Baniul Ahmed

Popular Medical Center & Hospital, Sylhet is one of the leading medical facilities in the area. Located in Subhanighat, Sylhet, we provide the highest level of care to our patients. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is committed to providing the best medical services possible.

We offer a variety of services ranging from general physician visits to specialized treatments. Our visiting hours are from 5 pm to 8 pm, except on Fridays when we are closed. We understand that your time is precious and that is why we offer convenient appointment times.

You can book an appointment by calling us on +880175279971 We are dedicated to providing you with the best medical experience possible. We strive to make sure you receive quality care in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about our services and treatments. If you are looking for a reliable and professional medical center, Popular Medical Center & Hospital, Sylhet is the perfect choice.

Doctor Name
Dr. Sarder Baniul Ahmed




MBBS, M.Phil (Radiotherapy)

Passing College
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Noorjahan Hospital, Sylhet

Chamber Address
Waves 1, Ritz Tower, Dargah Gate, Sylhet – 3100.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
2pm to 5pm

Thu & Friday

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