Orthopedic Surgeon in Rajshahi

About Dr. Sayed Ahmed Babu

Dr. Sayed Ahmed Babu is an experienced Orthopedic Surgeon in the city of Rajshahi. He is highly qualified, having obtained both his MBBS and D-ORTHO degrees.

His expertise has earned him a place as an Orthopedic Surgeon at the prestigious Rajshahi Medical College & Hospital.

Dr. Babu is also available for consultations and treatments at the Rajshahi Royal Hospital & Diagnostic Center, where he is available from 4pm to 9pm, Monday to Thursday.

He takes a day off on Fridays to rest, but is otherwise always ready to help his patients. He has established a good rapport with those who have received his treatments, and they always leave feeling satisfied with the results.


Babu is a dedicated and passionate professional who has dedicated his life to helping people in need of orthopedic care. He is committed to providing the best care possible and always strives to go above and beyond for each and every one of his patients. He is a highly respected doctor in the community and is always willing to help those in need.

Doctor Name
Dr. Sayed Ahmed Babu



Orthopedic Surgeon


Passing College
Rajshahi Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Rajshahi Royal Hospital & Diagnostic Center

Chamber Address
Laxmipur Mor, Rajshahi.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 9pm


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