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About Dr. Shukdev Paul

Dr. Shukdev Paul is a highly qualified and experienced Medicine Specialist based in Sylhet. He holds an MBBS, BCS (Health), and FCPS (Medicine) and is a Consultant in the Department of Medicine at Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital.

He is dedicated to providing excellent care to his patients and is available for consultations at Mount Adora Hospital, Nayasarak, Sylhet from 5pm to 9pm (closed Friday & Monday).

Patients can be confident of receiving the best possible treatment from Dr. Shukdev Paul.

Whether it’s diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions or preventative measures, he is committed to providing the highest quality of service. He takes the time to understand each patient’s individual needs and offers personalized care plans for each person.


Shukdev Paul is passionate about providing the best possible care for his patients. He is focused on providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare, looking at the physical, psychological and social aspects of a person’s wellbeing. He is committed to delivering a high standard of care and strives to ensure that every patient receives the best possible outcome.

At Mount Adora Hospital, Nayasarak, Sylhet, Dr. Shukdev Paul is available to provide medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. He is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for his patients and works hard to ensure that every person receives the highest quality of care.

Doctor Name
Dr. Shukdev Paul




MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Mount Adora Hospital, Nayasarak, Sylhet

Chamber Address
Nayasarak Road, Mirboxtula, Nayasarak, Sylhet – 3100.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
5pm to 9pm

Friday & Monday

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