Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist & Surgeon in Comilla

About Dr. Subrata Das Rupam

At CD Path & Hospital Pvt. Ltd., we are proud to have the expertise of Dr.

Subrata Das Rupam, an esteemed ENT Specialist. He holds a MBBS and DLO (ENT) degree and provides quality consultation to his patients in the Department of ENT. He is highly experienced and has been providing excellent treatment to his patients for many years.

Dr. Subrata Das Rupam’s working hours are from 9 am to 2 pm, every day. During this time, he offers consultation to his patients and provides personalized advice to them.

He is dedicated to helping his patients and ensures that they get the best possible treatment.

At CD Path & Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

, we are committed to providing the best care to our patients. We are fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Subrata Das Rupam, who is an experienced ENT specialist.

With his help, we strive to ensure that our patients get the best treatment and care.

Doctor Name
Dr. Subrata Das Rupam



Ear, Nose, Throat & Surgeon


Passing College
CD Path & Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Chamber Name
CD Path & Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Chamber Address
Shishu Monagal Road, Badurtoal, Cumilla – 3500.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
9am to 2pm


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