Medicine Specialist in Dhaka

About Dr. Syed AKM Salahuddin

Dr. Syed AKM Salahuddin is a highly qualified Medicine Doctor based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He holds a MBBS, MCPS (Medicine) and FCPS (Medicine) in his profession.

Currently, he is working as a Medicine Specialist doctor at the Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College & Hospital, providing treatment to his patients from 11am to 1pm every day except for Saturday and Friday. In addition, he also regularly provides treatment to his patients at the Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center in Malibagh.


Syed AKM Salahuddin takes great pride in his expertise and actively works to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care. He is highly dedicated to his profession and is always in pursuit of new ways to help his patients. He is also highly compassionate, making sure to take the time to listen to his patient’s concerns and provide them with quality care and attention.

At Dr. Syed AKM Salahuddin’s clinic, you can be sure to receive the highest quality of medical care and advice. With his vast knowledge and experience in the field, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

He always strives to provide his patients with the best quality of medical care and will always go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met.

Doctor Name
Dr. Syed AKM Salahuddin




MBBS, MCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center, Malibagh

Chamber Address
House # 489, DIT Road, Malibagh, Dhaka.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
11am to 1pm

Saturday & Friday

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