Medicine Specialist in Sylhet

About Dr. Z.H.M. Nazmul Alam

Dr. Z.H.

M. Nazmul Alam is a highly qualified Medicine Specialist in Sylhet. He holds a MBBS degree, a BCS (Health) degree, and a FCPS (Medicine) degree.

He is a renowned Consultant in the Department of Medicine at the respected Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital. Furthermore, Dr. Nazmul Alam also takes care of his patients at the Popular Medical Center, Sylhet.

He provides his medical services at the Popular Medical Center from 4pm to 8pm, except on Fridays.

Dr. Nazmul Alam is a highly experienced medical professional and has a strong understanding of the latest medical innovations and practices.

He has a passion for treating patients in a highly professional manner, while also providing them with the necessary emotional support. He is driven by a strong desire to give his patients the best possible care and treatment options to ensure their wellbeing. He is a warm and empathetic individual who always puts his patients’ needs first.

At the Popular Medical Center, he is assisted by a team of highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to providing the best services for their patients. They are devoted to helping their patients recover as soon as possible and strive to create a comforting environment for them.


Doctor Name
Dr. Z.H.M. Nazmul Alam




MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine)

Passing College
Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Popular Medical Center, Sylhet

Chamber Address
New Medical Road, Kajolshah, Sylhet – 3100.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
4pm to 8pm


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