Bone, Joint, Sports Injury Specialist & Trauma Surgeon in Sylhet

About Lt. Col. Dr. Suman Kumar Sen

Lt. Col. Dr.

Suman Kumar Sen is an experienced Orthopedic Surgeon based in Sylhet. He is proficient in providing a wide range of treatments to his patients, having completed an MBBS degree from Dhaka, followed by an MS degree in Orthopedics. He currently works as a Consultant in the Department of Orthopedics at Combined Military Hospital, Sylhet.

Dr. Sen also offers his services to patients at Al Haramain Hospital, Sylhet, where he provides comprehensive and individualized care. Although we are unsure of his exact practicing hours at the hospital, we encourage patients to call ahead to inquire about a precise visiting hour.

Dr. Sen is committed to delivering the highest standards of care to all his patients, and strives to ensure they can receive the best treatment available. With his expertise and knowledge, he is able to provide the highest level of care that patients can rely on.

Doctor Name
Lt. Col. Dr. Suman Kumar Sen



Bone, Joint, Sports Injury & Trauma Surgeon

MBBS (Dhaka), MS (Orthopedics)

Passing College
Combined Military Hospital, Sylhet

Chamber Name
Al Haramain Hospital, Sylhet

Chamber Address
Samato-30, Chali Bandar, Bishwa Road, Subhani Ghat, Sylhet.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
Unknown. Please call to know opening hours. Appointment: +8801931225555. Call Now.


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