Newborn, Adolescent & Child Diseases Specialist in Comilla

About Prof. Dr. K. A. Mannan

Prof. Dr. K.

A. Mannan (Prof. Dr.

Kazi Abdul Mannan) is an acclaimed child specialist based in Comilla. He holds a MBBS as well as FCPS (Pediatrics) degree, and is currently serving as the Principal & Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Mainamoti Medical College & Hospital. Patients can also avail his services from his Personal Home Chamber, where he is available from

30am every day except for Fridays.

Dr. Mannan has a vast experience in dealing with pediatric medical problems, and is well-known for his expertise in treating child-related issues.

His friendly attitude and compassionate approach towards his patients makes them feel comfortable in his presence. He also works hard to make sure that all of his patients receive the best possible treatments and solutions.


Mannan is an active member of several professional medical organizations, and regularly attends seminars and conferences to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of pediatric medicine. He also publishes articles in various medical journals and is a frequent speaker at medical events.


Doctor Name
Prof. Dr. K. A. Mannan



Newborn, Adolescent & Child Diseases

MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics)

Passing College
Mainamoti Medical College & Hospital

Chamber Name
Personal Home Chamber

Chamber Address
619/559, Niloy (West Side of Moon Hospital), Jhautola, Cumilla.

Phone Number

Visiting Hour
8.30am (Closed: Friday)


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